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About Yasumu

About us

Yasumu Photography

In 2077 Night City has grown out of control. Corporations run the show, ordinary citizens are mere pawns in the hands of the elite, and those who try to stand out are cut down violently. A persistent game of King of the Hill, rigged against the common folk. Throughout the city, people are trying to organize themselves in order to gain a small fraction of power, that would at least bring some relief in this state of constant oppression. But despite these efforts, this rarely leads to any real change.

Yasumu was founded not to solve Night City's problems, but to offer relief to its citizens. A moment to not think about the constant power struggles and murder happening in the streets. If looking at our images even makes you stop and think for a few seconds, we've reached our goal.

So feel free to stop for a moment, and appreciate the beauty of Night City, often hidden beneath piles of dirt and garbage.